Veronica Rose Jones

Currently an art student at the Maine College of Art majoring in Illustration, graduating in May 2018. 

I've grown up with animals all my life. I was the child who brought home sick or injured critters and raised them back to health. When I was three years old I was bitten by a large dog and acquired over 100 stitches in my face. Ever since this event I have never stopped loving dogs and grew up with my grandmother's five show golden retrievers. Now I own my own dogs and they are often my subjects in my illustrations along with my other animals. They are my muse and inspire my work.

Awards :

2011-2012 Congressional Art Competition Scholarship, Maine College of Art, total of $24,000 per year

2014 Full Tuition Scholarship - Weekend Illustration Program, Maine College of Art

2017-2018 Doris Glover Goodhue Dean Endowed Scholar

2017-2018 WCSH-TV Arthur G. Hahn Endowed Scholar